Hardware Cleaning - External cleaning

ICT equipment like new after external cleaning

All ICT equipment gets dirty, no matter how carefully you treat it. And not only through daily use. Air pollution and static electricity also contribute.

External cleaning? This is what we do:

  • Switch off equipment – after consulting the operator – and make it ready to clean (removing post-its, for example)
  • Vacuum clean with an ESD (electrostatic discharge) vacuum cleaner
  • Remove the dust from PCs: mains supply fan, CD-rom station, keyboard, screen, …
  • Remove paper remnants and toner residues from printers
  • Dust printer drawers
  • Thoroughly clean fixed and removable parts, disinfect them and make them antistatic with specialised products
  • Remove ink stains, glue residue and the remains of any stickers
  • Check and register the condition of the equipment (loose elements, for example)
  • Check functioning after cleaning
  • Replace anything that has been removed, such as post-its

Your PC is as good as new!