ICT Support Services - Aesthetic arrangement of computer cables

Organising cables: Safe and tidy

Despite wireless technology, there is still a pile of spaghetti on many desks. That not only looks sloppy; it's also dangerous. Squashed cables often cause interference, short circuits and overloading. Data Clean tidies up all the cables, sprucing up your corporate image. We also reduce the risk of tripping and you have fewer problems with material damage. With a safely cabled workstation, you can be sure of complying with insurance and working conditions requirements.

Organising cables professionally

  • Switching off equipment
  • Putting coloured stickers on the connection points to identify the connections
  • Disconnecting equipment
  • Sorting out and analysing cables
  • Installing an organising system and/or using existing facilities
  • Adjusting cable lengths (standard cables)
  • Installing plug boards
  • Connecting equipment and concealing cables in ducts
  • Bundling cables

No more cables in the way!