ICT Support Services - Relocation of ICT equipment

ICT move: a job for professionals

Moving ICT equipment is no simple task. It has to be done rapidly and you have to know what you are doing – which classic removal firms don’t necessarily. Our people know exactly how to move your delicate hardware. You concentrate on the networks and Data Clean will do the rest.

ICT move: example of a simple step-by-step plan

  • Project meeting:
    We write a scenario with an efficient, clear project description.
  • Preparation:
    We identify each piece of equipment with a label, so nothing gets lost.
  • Disconnection:
    We disconnect all cables and peripherals and pack them with the relevant pieces of equipment. The moving boxes are labelled with a corresponding identification number.
  • Connection:
    We install the equipment at the right desk according to the moving plan, connect everything and remove the labels. Need to repatch? No problem!
  • (Organising cabling:
    We put your cables in order and organise them expertly. Tidier and safer!)

Your people can get back to work straight away!