Disko: Environmentally-friendly quality

The quality of our Disko products is unique. Cleaning products, clean cards and supplies for all kinds of hardware: ICT equipment, printers, cashpoint machines, payment terminals, automatic parking systems, banknote readers… You name it, we clean it. And always with an eye for the environment: Disko products are non-toxic and will not damage your equipment.

Disko: more hygienic, less costly

For many years now, Data Clean-Disko has been developing private label cleaning and maintenance solutions. We make sure the design and technical specifications of the products is optimally coordinated with what the hardware manufacturer or user wants. The result? Fewer breakdowns, increased continuity and lower maintenance costs. And, naturally, a spic and span working environment. 

You can also contact us for washable keyboards and printed labels.

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  • DISKO cleaning products are gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly.
  • DISKO cleaning products contain active orange peel extract oils. They are therefore natural products.
  • High-quality DISKO products are antistatic and antibacterial.
  • The cleaning products seal and protect the cleaned surfaces. This considerably reduces the rate of dirt and dust accumulation.
  • DISKO cleaning products remove stubborn dirt, such as nicotine deposits, pen and ink marks and stamp-pad ink easily and efficiently.
  • DISKO products offer a five-year guarantee against impregnated cleaning sets drying out in closed packaging.
  • DISKO cleaning products comply with EU directive 91/155 EWG in respect of health and working conditions standards around the workstation.
  • DISKO maintenance products contribute to a hygienic, representative and ergonomically responsible workstation.
  • DISKO offers the best price to quality ratio.
  • Sophisticated (patented) cleaning cards