Washable hardware

Computers and other IT- and mobile-equipment belongs to a poorly recognized cause of contamination. This not only in the medical field, but just as much at home, at school, at work or in several public locations.

Studies have proven that computer keyboards often host more than 400 times the number of bacteria found on an average toilet seat ! Keyboards tend to be the most contaminated item one can find in the office environment.

In hospitals keyboards are an important contributing source of bacteria responsible for nosocomial infections (Nosocomial is a scientific group name for all are hospital-acquired infections)  One of the most feared bacteria is the MRSA (Methicilline Resistente Staphylococcus Aureus) bacteria. They are often transmitted from patients, clients or coworkers that have been in a contaminated environment. Not only a person, but even is direct environment can get infected. This bacteria spreads through respiratory tracts, dust and skin scales. Clearly just coming in contact with an infected person or a contaminated object can cause a transmission; hence existing infections can readily spread become very hard to contain. MRSA bacteria are resistant for most common antibiotics. The bacteria themselves can survive 6 to 8 weeks on all kinds of surfaces.

Data Clean can offer you a solution that can seriously help you prevent and contain bacterial infections. We offer washable, waterproof and anti-microbial hardware from the SealShield brand. A very wide range of tools including: keyboards, optical (wireless) mice, TV-remotes, IPad and IPhone sleeves. All SealShield products are designed to facilitate a daily disinfection, even using alcohol-based cleaners or dishwashers. Clearly this decreases all chances of the infections to spread and can help you control sickness absenteeism.

SealShield, a Jacksonville based US company, promotes the implementation and use of effective infection control products (and protocols) to further eliminate cross contamination infections in healthcare, the workplace and the home.

They carry a wide spectrum of 100% Waterproof, spill proof, dishwasher safe keyboards, mice and TV remotes. Their products contain silver ions molded inside the plastics, creating a lasting protection (better than a simple coating) These ions inhibit enzyme activity and multiplication of microbes. They are inorganic and hence non-volatile and better heat-resistant (compared to organic solutions).

Data Clean Ltd. is the official distributor of the Seal Shield range.


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