Combi-cleaning set for tachographs

Combi-cleaning set for tachographs
Product code: 15571502 / 155710150210 / 155750150250

Since mid 2006, all trucks and buses within the EU weighing more than 3.5 tonnes have had digital tachographs. All digital tachographs, regardless of the brand or model, have two chip card readers. Every truck driver has one driver’s card with a chip, which has to be in the tachograph throughout the entire journey. This card stores all the driver’s details. If two drivers are taking turns at driving the vehicle, then both their cards have to be in the reader.

Depending on environmental factors, sooner or later reading errors will occur.

The driver leaves a lot of dust, nicotine and dirt on the chip contacts.

The continuous air circulation caused by the air conditioning in the cabin also contributes to rapid contamination of the chip contacts.
With these problems in mind, together with a major service and test organisation, DISKO developed a cleaning card for the chip reading contacts of all kinds of digital tachograph.
For the first time, this cleaning card gives truck drivers the opportunity to solve reading errors themselves or carry out preventive cleaning.

DISKO cleaning cards for the chip reading device in tachographs work for all models currently on the market. The stable core ensures transport without errors. The microfibre top layer is produced using high-frequency technology. It guarantees pristine cleaning and, at the same time, absorbs the dirt into its fibres.
Only DISKO cleaning cards enable you to dry clean the chip reading contacts without dismantling the entire device. Without this technology, chemical reactions would destroy the transport mechanisms.
Dry cleaning is far more thorough than cleaning with impregnated cleaning cards, as pores filled with fluid cannot absorb dirt.

Technicians from a well-known service firm conducted a test to demonstrate the difference in quality. These three photographs show an enhanced image of a chip reading contact: in the first picture it is very dirty, in the second it has been cleaned with an impregnated card and in the third with a DISKO microfibre cleaning card.

Only after cleaning with the DISKO card is the chip reading contact really clean.

Dirty driver’s cards for digital tachographs are often the cause of contaminated chip reading contacts inside the tachograph. If you continually carry out prevent cleaning of the microchips then you will experience fewer card-reading errors and save time and money.

DISKO cleaning pads have been specially developed for cleaning the microchips of driver's card readers. The soft microfibre fabrics absorb a lot of dirt and do not scratch the surface of the microchips.

A high-quality composite foil protects the pads from drying out for at least five years. Even at temperatures of more than 60 °C – no exception in a truck. The cleaning fluid enhances the mechanical properties of the microfibre pads and, at the same time, disinfects the surface.