IT Cleaning

IT Cleaning

A clean workplace is essential for a healthy work environment.
We clean all your hardware and digital assets.


A pleasant, safe & hygienic workplace

In our digital world, we do not only work more intensively with our workplace equipment, the same hardware is often used by multiple employees, such as in flex workstations, cash register systems, shift work, HUBs or co-working contexts.
Neat ICT equipment contributes to a pleasant and healthy working environment. Safe and thorough cleaning of your ICT infrastructure with professional cleaning products: leave that to our experienced IT Care Cleaning Team.
We clean all your hardware and digital assets: keyboard, computer mouse, laptop, PC box, thin client, docking station, headset, tablet, smartphone, phone, scanner, server, payment terminal, bank machine, parking meter, printer up to 3D printer in all sizes, and more.
Even for teleworkers, we have several solutions available to sustainably maintain their equipment.
One-stop shop


Equipment that receives proper care lasts longer, less disposal contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.

One-stop shop


A spotless working environment contributes to your employees' job satisfaction and sense of safety.

One-stop shop


Well-cared-for equipment and motivated employees perform better, and absenteeism is reduced.

Professional tools & IT cleaning products

All tools and cleaning products are specifically tailored to ICT installations, they are
  • environmentally friendly
  • non-toxic,
  • non-abrasive,
  • and in addition to their cleaning properties they also have an antistatic and protective effect.
The hoovers are ESD protected.
MSDS sheets are available on request.

Matching frequency and planning to welfare needs

The frequency of an IT cleaning depends on the room, the equipment and the circumstances. For example, a production environment usually requires more maintenance than an office environment. Flexible workstations require a different approach than fixed desks. Renovation works, the installation of new equipment or an IT move also influence the frequency and/or possibility of combining them in a total package.
In order to also provide your teleworkers with the necessary tools for regular cleaning, we can
  • adjust the regular office cleaning schedule to this
  • schedule extra mobile cleaning moments. Teleworkers can then offer their home work equipment to our IT Cleaning Specialist for a deep cleaning or possibly a demo moment to stimulate cleaning by employees with our home care kits.
  • Offer home care kits.

One stop shop

As a one-stop shop, we can combine our services into a total package according to your projects.
If there is equipment that needs a regular check, such as scales, then we can combine this perfectly with the cleaning activity. All inspection points are checked by our IT Care Specialists on the basis of agreed parameters, and all the information collected is immediately processed digitally and made available.
Are you planning a move - internal or external - we will not only take care of the physical removal, but also the careful and safe disconnection, wiring, reconnection and an immediate deep cleaning of all equipment.
We listen to your demands

We listen to your demands

We listen to your specific needs, evaluate the equipment and quantities, the layout of workstations, the rooms and the circumstances. Depending on the infrastructure, possible safety instructions and needs, we visit your site to form a clear picture and work out an accurate proposal.

Your quote

Your quote

You receive a quote with a detailed inventory and unit price per device based on your needs, with a choice of one-off implementation or recurring visits.

IT Cleaning

IT Cleaning

One or more IT Cleaning Specialists are assigned to you according to quantity, region and skills. Each cleaned workstation receives an indicator that it has been cleaned; for your employee, this provides an extra sense of security and confidence that you are taking care of her/his well-being.
Our IT Cleaning Specialists note down the number of devices cleaned and the relevant information. Only the cleaned items are invoiced.
Reporting and  Evaluation

Reporting and Evaluation

Is everyone satisfied? The work sheet offers us input in terms of quality and efficiency measurements. Together with you, we evaluate our collaboration during and after implementation.

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Hardware with a light touch

The well-being of our people also takes pride of place at DataClean. Our employees receive ongoing training and exchange know-how and experiences in our DataClean Community.

Their mission is to give you and your employees peace of mind. With feedback from you, our customers and our DataClean Caretakers, we update our working methods and implement the latest technologies.