IT Facility Support

IT Facility Support

Commit to permanently available IT facility support with DataClean,
thus offering all employees a continuous sense of satisfaction.


Continuous good feeling with IT Care Support

Facilities-related IT tasks such as cleaning, moving, installing, wiring and tidying up consume a lot of time and energy from your IT staff. It is also not always in their DNA to care about the ease of use, cleanliness, beauty or safety of the workplace or working environment.
You can offer both them and all company employees a greater sense of satisfaction by providing ongoing support in this area. This way, all employees can ultimately support the customers better.
One-stop shop


Your IT staff can focus on their core tasks and be more efficient.

One-stop shop


Support according to the needs of you & all employees.

One-stop shop


All employees feel that you as an IT department care about them.

A tailor-made formula

Based on your IT infrastructure, number of employees and projects, we can provide DataClean Caretakers on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis or on call. One or more DataClean Caretakers are assigned to you to execute facility tasks at agreed times and as needed.
Our DataClean Caretakers are fully integrated in your company, they become an extension of your IT department that contributes to the well-being of all employees. They go for your and your colleauges' Smile!

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