Xtra cleaning products

Hardware with all its electronic components is very sensitive to contamination. To clean stubborn or specific dirt, such as graffiti or labels, you need non-conductive and residue-free cleaning products.

1663 - Intensif cleaner

A powerful cleaner for removing graffiti, permanent marker and stubborn surfaces. Apply the intendive cleaner with a lint-free cloth, let it soak in briefly and wipe dry. Repeat the procedure if necessary. The intensive cleaner is environmentally friendly, not harmful and biodegradable.Extra info:
  • Environmentally friendly, not harmful & biodegradable
  • Drip opening: easy & economical dosage
1663 - Intensive cleaner 100 ml bottle                    16631 - Intensive cleaner refill bottle 1000 ml

1612 - Magnetic head cleaner

A special cleaner with exceptional properties for quickly and effectively cleaning magnetic heads and optical sensors. This cleaner is best used in combination with DISKO special cleaning cards and fluff-free cloths.
  • Bottles with droplet opening: easy & economical dosing.
  • Non-conductive
  • 100% residue-free
1612 - Magnetic head cleaner 100 ml                           16121 - Magnetic head cleaner 1000 ml

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