Dust remover

Dust remover

Dust and dirt often penetrate the inner workings of hardware. With our dry high-quality compressed air, you can safely and effectively remove dust traps and dirt in the blink of an eye.


1224 - Dust remover (compressed gas spray)

DISKO compressed air, which is composed of the 100% non-flammable tetrafluoroethane environmentally friendly (CFC-free) cleaning gas, maintains its pressure to the last and is completely dry. The bottle's reducible nozzle ensures extremely economical use. DISKO compressed air is even 2 to 3 times more economical to use and more favourable in terms of price/quality than others. The flexible extension hose provides extra user comfort and helps reduce (excessive) temperature fluctuations during use.
  • Environmentally friendly : 100 % non-flammable tetrafluoroethane (CFC free)
  • Economical 
  • Efficient

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